Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! The twins didn't stay up for the fireworks, but they still dressed in their most patriotic wear!

Since the last entry, which was ages ago, lots has been happening! Adam has rolled over, despite his rather limited tummy time. His reflux is still a problem as far as gaining weight, though he is 16 pounds 15 ounces. That's about the 4th percentile for unadjusted age, and 55th for adjusted. It doesn't seem to bother him at all as he just smiles all the time, even right after he throws up several ounces. What a happy content baby. As I sit here, he is just chowing away on my hand, so we think he may be teething. He'll take both of his hands, grab mine and SHOVE it into his mouth. He absolutely loves the exersaucer and grabs at everything on it. His favorite lately is the star as you can see in the photo. His fuzz head hair is still about the same. It's exactly the same color as Jim's was when he was little...with the red tones and everything. Little Irishman. He's the sweetest boy and not much ever bothers him. Just walk into a room and he squeals with delight. Oh, unless he's tired and is falling asleep--then he's a crank. The kid will do anything to keep himself awake.
Eleanor has been packing on the ounces. She weighs 18 pounds now! That means her weight is at the 30th percentile for her UNADJUSTED age! (And 95th for adjusted) Her length is at the 7th percentile which isn't too shabby, but it does put her at the 90th percentile weight-for-length. In other words, we have a little pudge ball on our hands. I took a picture of her thighs to prove my point. (Got the idea from another preemie parent blogger--thanks!) By the end of summer she will definitely be in 12 month clothes. Eleanor rolls around like crazy now and just yesterday I found her under the coffee table. We now put a barracade of pillows around her. She is also doing some assited sitting in her boppy and has started to bring her legs up and grab her toes. How cute! Her personality is starting to show--she knows what she likes and will whine and cry until she gets it. I hear you out there mom---shush.
The kids have really started noticing each other lately. They will "play" together on the floor and look right at one another and smile. Every time they do that, it reminds me how lucky we are to have both of our darlings with us, especially as healthy and happy as they are.

We took some great photos of the 4th of July, and I also included one of Alex at baseball. He got the game ball! He also did a fabulous job at his piano recital and even won a medal for most minutes practiced. He'll be starting up again in August and he's really looking forward to it. Alex is a fabulous big brother and a great help. For those of you who know him, that's probably not a surprise! Pediatrician appt. on Friday--updates then!

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kel avid reader librarian said...

So, what size clothes are they in? Shopping crazy friends want to know :)

Congrats to Alex on the game ball!