Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's My Girl

Eleanor finally got to move into her big girl bed this weekend. She is more excited than I can possibly put into words! It all started by moving Alex into a new (more "mature") room. Then we found out I'm expecting--surprise! So we have a new baby boy due in September. Actually on the twins' birthday--so I'm hoping he's a day or two early or late. I'm only a week and a half from the day the twins were born--with not a single emergency room visit. Yay! Anyway, so we have made Alex's old room into Adam and the new baby's room. Which left Eleanor as the only girl with her very own bedroom, which she definitely wanted painted pink. So last weekend Jim painted and when she first walked into the room she exclaimed, "It's beauuuuuutiful! Daddy, how did you DO it?" Don't tell Eleanor but with a response like that, Jim will repaint her room anytime she would like.

This weekend, we moved my old queen sized bed from my single days into her room. She cannot get enough of sleeping in her big girl bed. She needs a stool to get up into it, but she doesn't mind one bit. I've tried to keep her from having a princess complex because I'm not really into that, but it seems that it is in her blood anyway. There has not been one issue about changing beds, changing anything. She still sleeps with her pink blanket (gosh I wish I remembered who gave that to her at the shower) her puppy, and like any normal 3 year old, her shark, fox, squid, and bat. Yes, those are actually her favorite stuffed animals. Eleanor is always up for an adventure or a challenge whether it's a new bed or a new playground. When she walks into a room, even if there are 15 adults sitting there, she'll call out to everyone, "Hi!!!" When we went to Mackinac Island this weekend (we did a lot over Memorial Day) she loved the boat, the horse ride, and even asked to go into the haunted house. Silly girl--doesn't she know her mom is afraid of haunted houses?
Eleanor will be starting preschool this fall and every time she sees the building she says, "There's my school!" I hope the teacher is ready for Eleanor when she gets there, because she's sure ready to take the school by storm. I hope this all means that she's getting the confidence that I hope to be instilling in her each day--the same confidence I wished I had had as a little girl. She sure seems to be wrapping her little arms around life with everything she's got...and wow, she deserves every exicting minute!