Thursday, March 06, 2008

By Request

It's already March and spring is on its way, I hear--though no sign of it with all the snow we've been getting. It's about this time that we're all finished with winter--even those of us like me who love the snow--and are ready to see some green!! We did manage to get our own peek of spring down in Florida last month. We drove all three kids down to Orlando in the minivan to visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World. We had a great time, enjoyed the 70-something degree weather, got photos with Winnie the Pooh...then got the flu. I was the first one sick, then Adam. He really didn't get it until the night before we left, but on the way home he just kept getting worse and worse. We drove with only a seven hour stop at a hotel to get some sleep and by Saturday afternoon when we pulled in, it was time to take Adam to Urgent Care. They gave him some breathing treatments, but didn't like his oxygen sats, so they sent him to the hospital ER by AMBULANCE. I had to sit back there with him--he had wide eyes and didn't make a peep the whole time. When they hooked him up, he was doing fine, so they kept him a bit for observation, then sent us home. Of course, Eleanor got sick then, too, and it took almost 2 weeks for all of us to recover completely. Whew.
But back to Disney...Eleanor really showed her adventurous streak. She went on every ride that her small staure allowed--including the Haunted Mansion. Afraid? Not for a second. She didn't want to sit on my lap--she needed her own seat, thank you very much. Adam did not like the rides at all, not even the calm one, and would sit on my lap while I recited his favorite books in his ear. He did love the characters and the firewoks and the parades--just something about the rides. THe photos here are all from Disney.
Both of the twins are doing well. Eleanor has a vast vocabulary of words and is starting to put them together. She says thank you and please, and gives you a "stinker look" when she knows she's doing something she's not supposed to do. Adam is just starting to talk--he's been going to Early On for some help in that area. He says Mama, book, ball, bubble. This has all happened is a short period of time, so I'm hoping he starts adding wording more quickly now. He loves to do puzzles and both of them constantly bring books to us to read. His absolute favorite thing, though is the Playhouse Disney website. He can sit there with us for an hour and play the games, watch the videos, and listen to the songs.
Sorry I don't update much--I just don't think of it anymore, but I'll try to every once in awhile for those of you out there still reading! Thanks!