Sunday, October 21, 2007

Naked Tushie

Yes, it's true, Adam has become a guy. Pants, diapers...they've become superfluous to Adam. I mean, isn't "au naturale" better, after all?? The kid is taking off his pants, diapers, and even his shirt once in awhile. One day I put them back on three times before realizing the only way I was going to win this game was to put overalls on him. But we only have three pairs of overalls! In the interest of all involved, I'm not posting any pictures of the little stripper in action, but I'm sure you can imagine the fun we're having. THank goodness the fun hasn't involved any dirty diapers, if you know what I mean.
Adam is still a skinny bean at 25 pounds, and he refuses to eat any table food beyond Cheetos and breadsticks/crackers. So he's still eating mostly baby food--though at least it's the level 3 stuff with the little chunks in it. Since Eleanor has started eating chicken nuggets and cheese and poptarts (though not a lot of all of it...I think she's kind of flattened out at about 27 pounds or so) I've realized how much easier that is and can't wait for him to become a little more enthusiastic.
Adam has been sick with a cold twice already, and Eleanor once. The good news is we didn't have to go to the doctor! They just got over them on their own. Beleive me, I was tempted, but I realized they were doing ok and a little cough here and there isn't the end of the world. Adam has decided he loves to play Ring Around the Rosey, so whenever we start singing, he gets this big ol' grin on his face and starts spinning around. (He likes to play by himself). Of course he gets dizzy, so he really falls down during the "we all fall down" part of the song.
Last night we went to Halloween at Greenfield Village. Wow, it was impressive! Alex was a farmer and the twins were a chick and a horse. Cute, eh? I've included some photos from the last few weeks. Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Adam and Eleanor!!

Ok, so I still need to get around to the Adam photos...but here are some new ones of the twins' second birthday yesterday. It's hard to believe two years have gone by. They got wonderful gifts from their grandmas, aunts, and uncles. Playing on the trampoline in our backyard was a big hit...and they even got to play with their younger cousin.

Jim is busy putting together a little car and a Little Tikes slide/swing playhouse for the kids today. Eleanor needed an early nap and it looks like Adam is heading that way, too. No surprise after having colds all week and such a busy day yesterday! And yay! the twins' first cold that did not require a doctor visit. Happy Birthday sweeties...Mommy loves you.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eleanor Photos

Hi everyone! Here are some new Eleanor photos for you. She is wearing the very stylish floppy brimmed hat we got for her in Las Vegas. She loves to be pretty and calls the hat her, "Tah!" Hat spelled backward...ok, that'll work.
She also says CAA! or Caah-kee for cookies, crackers, or cereal. Uh-oh!, ball, and Bubbub (bottle) are other words she's saying. She has a version of mommy and daddy--but they don't sound--well, like mommy and daddy. We're working on it.
She climbs on everything and especially likes to stand on top of the little table we got for them from IKEA. It's easier to see her and therefore pay attention to her there, you know. Probably the cutest thing she does right now is how she responds to, "No!" If she's getting into something that she shouldn't. We say no! she stops, smiles, and then claps for herself. This comes from me praising her when she listened to me saying no at first. Now she does it every time. She also loves to pile pillows, toys, blankets, and stuffed animals on top of her on the couch and sit there like that, having little conversations with the animals. She holds them by the back of their necks and pretends they are talking. Next entry will be about Adam. I looked at all the cute photos of him and realized he had food on his face in them! I added one of them, just 'cause I couldn't NOT post a picture of him...but more next time. (I guess the good news there is that he's eating!) Adam weighs about 24.5 pounds now and Eleanor weighs 26.5 pounds. She's wearing 2T's now--except in pants--she's just too short for them. Adam is a couple inches taller than Eleanor so is still quite thin, though is at about the 10th percentile now. That's fine with me! He can wear 18 month pants in the waist--but they are too short. All of this means sewing--or more likely rolling--their pants this fall.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Been Forever

I thought I'd update the blog for those of you who are still checking, and maybe to surprise those of you who had given up hope that I would post again! Adam and Eleanor are doing well overall. Both of them are walking, although Eelanor is much more steady and can get herself to standing in the middle of a room, whereas Adam still needs to pull up on something. Good news on the eating front: Adam is much happier eating now and hasn't thrown up in ages. In fact, the pictures I've included show both kids eating goldfish crackers. Eleanor's favorite food is ice cream. She makes a hilarious face as we feed it to her...her eyes close and it's like she's seeing a little bit of heaven. Adam loves cookies--in fact the first "real food" he ate was part of an Oreo. He even will take the cookie apart and eat the center first before chowing down on the rest of it. Eleanor's "stinker" personality has continued to flourish. She climbs on everything possible and is often found behind a chair in the family room ripping up some paper she found. She climbs on tables and sits right in the center of them. Not that she likes attention or anything. Adam is much easier to please. Recently, he wants to be picked up every time one of us passes by him. When his little arms go up and I pick him up over the gate he actually giggles, laughs, and shrieks with joy. What a mommy's boy :) He loves to climb the stairs and wander around the main floor, often ending up at the piano to bang out a few "chords". Neither of the kids are talking yet. Eleanor does make a lot of sounds and talks to her stuffed animals in some language she and the bears apparently understand. Adam makes several sounds, but hasn't really gotten the whole language idea yet. He will be going in soon to have his hearing tested, just to make sure that isn't the issue. Right now, Eleanor weighs just over 25 pounds and Adam is a couple ounces away from 23 pounds. I will try to update a little more regularly in the future! (I have to figure out how to download photos off our camera on our new computer, so as soon as Jim comes home, I'll post the new photos)