Sunday, October 21, 2007

Naked Tushie

Yes, it's true, Adam has become a guy. Pants, diapers...they've become superfluous to Adam. I mean, isn't "au naturale" better, after all?? The kid is taking off his pants, diapers, and even his shirt once in awhile. One day I put them back on three times before realizing the only way I was going to win this game was to put overalls on him. But we only have three pairs of overalls! In the interest of all involved, I'm not posting any pictures of the little stripper in action, but I'm sure you can imagine the fun we're having. THank goodness the fun hasn't involved any dirty diapers, if you know what I mean.
Adam is still a skinny bean at 25 pounds, and he refuses to eat any table food beyond Cheetos and breadsticks/crackers. So he's still eating mostly baby food--though at least it's the level 3 stuff with the little chunks in it. Since Eleanor has started eating chicken nuggets and cheese and poptarts (though not a lot of all of it...I think she's kind of flattened out at about 27 pounds or so) I've realized how much easier that is and can't wait for him to become a little more enthusiastic.
Adam has been sick with a cold twice already, and Eleanor once. The good news is we didn't have to go to the doctor! They just got over them on their own. Beleive me, I was tempted, but I realized they were doing ok and a little cough here and there isn't the end of the world. Adam has decided he loves to play Ring Around the Rosey, so whenever we start singing, he gets this big ol' grin on his face and starts spinning around. (He likes to play by himself). Of course he gets dizzy, so he really falls down during the "we all fall down" part of the song.
Last night we went to Halloween at Greenfield Village. Wow, it was impressive! Alex was a farmer and the twins were a chick and a horse. Cute, eh? I've included some photos from the last few weeks. Happy Halloween!!!

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