Friday, September 19, 2008

Make Me Cry

I know I don't post regularly at all, but I felt the need to share a little thing that happened the other day. As a little background information, both of the twins are saying the alphabet and counting to 20. Eleanor much more clearly than Adam, but he's talking a lot more. Yay!Eleanor can spell dog, cat, pig, cow, egg, Alex, Adam, mom, dad, yes, no, and can tell you what almost any word begins with except "yubyou" (W). She has difficulty with that one. Not bad for not-yet-three year olds, I think. Anyway, I went to get Eleanor up in the morning two or three days ago. She still sleeps in her crib and shows no sign of wanting to crawl out though I know she's more than capable of it. In fact, she can climb INTO it. I think it's because she likes to take the time to play pretend with her stuffed "guys" as she calls them, in her bed. So she stands up and points to me and calls out, "There's Mommy!" like she does every morning, but before I pick her up, she turns and points to the sign on their wall. She then spells it out for me, letter by letter.


Needless to say, I was in tears.