Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for an Update

It's been quite awhile since my last post, but lots has happened. Eleanor is just such a big girl now. She plays hard, loves her big brother Alex, and talks like crazy. She is such a strong-willed little stinker, but I remember that that is why she did so well at the very beginning. As I remember one of her NICU nurses saying, she has "moxey". Well, she still does! Eleanor has been known to have as many time-outs in a day as Alex had in his entire early childhood. After being asked not to spin her fork on the table (and say, "Look at it go!!!!!") at least 5 times, she will look directly at me with a glimmer in her eye and do it again. Part of me wants to scream, but most of me has to stifle a giggle--she just makes me laugh all day long. She gives tons of kisses, asks for "zerberts", and tells me she needs lotion on her arms for her dry skin. She has matered the computer mouse and plays on her Fisher-Price computer and goes onto the Playhouse Disney site. The only thing she can't do is type in the URL. Maybe next week. :)

Adam always has been and is still our sweetie. He loves to be tossed into the air, or spun around, or wrestle on the floor with Alex. His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because they count a lot and one of his favorite things to do is count. Next to that is to spell. He drags the Doodle board to one of us and wants us to spell words over and over. He can recognize about 20 words now and is adding more each day. He spells Mom most. :) When he gets tired, he says, "Cuddle, cuddle Mommy" or "Cuddle, cuddle Daddy," and curls up with us. Adam goes to school three times a week primarily to help him with speech. We can't go on enough about the school and the staff. Adam talks all the time now though not always clearly, can ask for what he wants, and can answer all of our yes/no questions. They have been singing a song about emotions, so he does happy, sad, sleepy, and scared. But my favorite is mad--he makes this hilarious noise where he sounds constipated. Alex gets quite a kick out of it.

Alex also helps make a fort out of their play kitchen and they go in their with all their toys and make a bunch of noise. We're so lucky that Alex is such a great big brother. Both kids have learned so much about playing from him. As far as their size goes, Eleanor has pretty much stayed at the 50th percentile for both height and weight (33.5 pounds right now), though I think she's looks almost 4 rather than not yet 3.5. Adam is always a bit taller than Eleanor, but he's a skinny bean--it's no wonder from the way that kid goes and goes all day. He weighs just about 31 pounds and is solid muscle. If it were up to him, he'd go to bed at midnight and sleep until 11am. School mornings are rough when I have to drag him out of bed at the crack of 8am.
I have a Flip camera now and I can put videos up here now (shows you how often I log on--it's probably been that way for ages) so I guess I will try to do that next time!