Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eleanor Photos

Hi everyone! Here are some new Eleanor photos for you. She is wearing the very stylish floppy brimmed hat we got for her in Las Vegas. She loves to be pretty and calls the hat her, "Tah!" Hat spelled backward...ok, that'll work.
She also says CAA! or Caah-kee for cookies, crackers, or cereal. Uh-oh!, ball, and Bubbub (bottle) are other words she's saying. She has a version of mommy and daddy--but they don't sound--well, like mommy and daddy. We're working on it.
She climbs on everything and especially likes to stand on top of the little table we got for them from IKEA. It's easier to see her and therefore pay attention to her there, you know. Probably the cutest thing she does right now is how she responds to, "No!" If she's getting into something that she shouldn't. We say no! she stops, smiles, and then claps for herself. This comes from me praising her when she listened to me saying no at first. Now she does it every time. She also loves to pile pillows, toys, blankets, and stuffed animals on top of her on the couch and sit there like that, having little conversations with the animals. She holds them by the back of their necks and pretends they are talking. Next entry will be about Adam. I looked at all the cute photos of him and realized he had food on his face in them! I added one of them, just 'cause I couldn't NOT post a picture of him...but more next time. (I guess the good news there is that he's eating!) Adam weighs about 24.5 pounds now and Eleanor weighs 26.5 pounds. She's wearing 2T's now--except in pants--she's just too short for them. Adam is a couple inches taller than Eleanor so is still quite thin, though is at about the 10th percentile now. That's fine with me! He can wear 18 month pants in the waist--but they are too short. All of this means sewing--or more likely rolling--their pants this fall.


Kim said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like such a big girl! There is hardly any baby left in her at all. It's so sad when that happens, isn't it? But exciting, too, because they really start to become their own people with their own likes and dislikes and ways of doing things. Toddlerhood is almost as much fun as it is trying, don't you think :)

Shannon said...

They are sooooo cute! She is looking more and more like you all the time. So glad to hear that Adam is eating better, sounds like he's catching up on the weight too, Yeah! Hopefully we can play together soon. :-)