Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Visits and More Visits

Yesterday, we had a visit from our NICU friends, Elise and her son Carter. What a cutie he is! If the three kids had all been born on their due dates, they would have been within a few days of each other. Carter recently mastered rolling over, so he showed off for us. I think Carter was quite interested in seeing other babies, whereas to Adam and Eleanor, it's old hat. Elise took some great pictures.
We also recently had a visit fron the newest member of our family, Mary, who was born to Jim's brother Jeff and his wife Amanda lst month. She weighed just 8 pounds when she was here and I couldn't believe how little that seemed. It was also hard to remember when Eleanor and Adam came home and weighed just 6 pounds. Seeing our newborn neice was really a treat--and Alex was quite fortunate to be able to hold her for the photo!

Eleanor, our little eater, has reached the big 1-7. 17 pounds that is! This morning Adam was 16 pounds 7 ounces, and she was 17 pounds 4 ounces. Holy moly the girl likes to eat. She is fabulous with solids, so I'm hoping she is put on regular old formula and goes up to 2 solid meals a day at our pediatrician appointment next Wednesday. She's going to be 20 pounds before her first birthday at this rate. Adam has shown some interest in rolling over. We are thrilled. He spends a lot of time playing on his side now. When we allow him on the floor that is--gotta watch out for that reflux. He's been spitting up a little more lately, and it's not pretty when it has peas or sweet potatoes mixed in. Ick. Eleanor has been getting her knees under her like she thinks crawling might be fun. She isn't ready by a long shot, but she always wants to do more than her little body can. Adam's favorite greeting is now sticking his tongue out at you. If you don't return the greeting he is very disappointed. For Father's Day, we went to visit Grandpa (my dad)in Rochester. Nana was there, of course, as well as Uncle Kevin and Aunt Erin (who own three houses right now--but that's a whole blog entry in itself), Nancy's parents, and her brother and sister-in-law and their kids.Eleanor is much more the social butterfly than her brother. He is content to sit around and watch what happens---she wants to be in the thick of it. Even better if she's the center of attention. I can hear everyone who knows me laughing, even as I type that. Yes, she's more like me every day.

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