Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fun Stuff at 4.5 Months (Adjusted)

I thought I would give an update on how Adam and Eleanor have been developing over that past month or so. Eleanor is up to 16 pounds 9 ounces and overall, eats well. She takes four five ounce bottles a day, plus one meal of solids and 2-3 ounces during the night. She likes to eat solids and will take anywhere from 2-4 tablespoons of rice cereal made with formula, plus a total of one container of baby food. She loves peas (ick!) and doesn't know what she thinks of bananas yet. We just started fruit this week, so it's all new to her. She rolls around like crazy now and almost always sleeps on her tummy, despite my best efforts. She holds her hold head and chest up by outstretched arms and prefers to watch Baby Einstein this way in the morning. Speaking or mornings...she wakes up so happy! She just babbles and babbles on and smiles continuously. This has made me more of a morning person, which is no small feat. She will sqeal and almost shriek at toys and the TV quite a bit during the day. Her whole face lights up when anyone in the family walks into the room. She loves her "Mr. Crinkly" which is this star shaped toy she chews on and it makes a crinkly sound. As you can see from the photo, she likes showing off her tum-tum--which is quite "prosperous" these days, as Jim would say. She is quite particular with her likes and dislikes, though (hmmm...I wonder where she got that) and will scream at the top of lungs until you figure out just what she wants. Of course, you're rewarded with a big toothless grin, so it's worth it.
Adam is finally 16 pounds! He is getting much better at eating and will also take four 5 oz. bottles a day, plus one meal of solids. He likes carrots best, but pretty much any vegetable pleases him. I don't think he likes bananas either. Although Adam sleeps great at night, he hates falling asleep. He will thrash his head back and forth and bounce himself in the bouncy seat if it will keep him awake. He still has a bald spot on the back of his head from this. When he is on the play gym, he kicks so high that he is kicking the hanging toys. Just today he started showing some interest in rolling over. He is much more relaxed than Eleanor though, so he isn't as motivated. Adam has one eye that sometimes is straight and sometimes turns in, so we will find out what needs to be done about that at his appointment with the eye doctor next month. When I stick my tongue out at him, he will do the same in return and then smile immediately. He sqeals almost every time I walk into a room, which is great! I am so excited that they are starting to recognize me.
Today the physical therapist fromt he school district made a visit. She had some great news for us. Neither Adam nor Eleanor qualify for services because they are developing "within normal limits". Also, she didn't seem to think that Eleanor's legs were stiff as the other physical therapist thought last month. She gave me some ideas of things to do with both of them to encourage normal development, but didn't think that Eleanor showed signs of cerebral palsy. We have been so worried, that I was thrilled to hear this. We have a pulmonologist appointment on Monday, so you will hear from me again soon.


Lisa Mulligan said...

What a joy to read the updates on the twins and big brother is quite a handsome boy. Your family is blessed with daily smiles and events. I often share your site with my coworkers and we stand in awe with the twin's progress.

Lisa Mulligan & coworkers
Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Maggie said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful! Definitely little miracles :)

Kristin said...

Your twins are adorable and so plump! They sound like they are doing great!

Kristin Kemmet
Mom to Kylin and Preston 27 weeks twins