Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew! We did it. We have returned from our first road trip with the twins without any major complications. The minivan was packed, including the Stow and Go sections--Alex sat in the back row and watched movies while the twins snoozed most of the way up north. Of course a trip that used to take and 4 hours now takes six or so, but we expected that. To feed Adam, we would stop at rest areas, get the bouncy seat out, find a place under a tree for some shade and feed him. That is a 50 minute adventure in itself. I'm glad we were in the right frame of mind and didn't expect to travel too quickly--it ended up being a beautiful trip up. But that 95 degree garbage on the way home had to go. We were all cranky and it was hard to find a cool, shady spot to feed them--since cool, shady spots were at a premium. Eleanor had an encounter with some squash that we will not repeat again. Every five days, I've been adding a new vegetable to their repetoire, and on Saturday it was squash. She started screaming about 10 minutes after I finished feeding her and would only stop if she was laying on her tummy on us. This went on until at least 10 pm when she fell asleep for the night. Neither of them really cry unless they need something or something hurts, so I knew it must have really bothered her. Needless to say, we are skipping over squash and we have started green beans. I tasted that stuff and it is disgusting, but they seem to enjoy it. Eleanor is continuing to roll over every time I put her on her back, so it wasn't just a fluke! I personally think her main motivation for rolling over was to be able to sleep on her tummy--she hates sleeping on her back. I keep rolling her back to sleep on her back, but it's a losing battle. Now if she could just motivate Adam. He has figured out how to bounce his own bouncy chair. It's almost as if he might think that catapulting himself out of the chair would be just as useful a way of moving around as crawiling. He doesn't get much tummy time because he throws up every time we lay him down on his belly. With his reflux he has to sit up so much of the time, he doesn't get the exercise that Eleanor does. But we'll keep trying!

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rachel said...

What a great family vacation picture. They are so big!
I lve the first foods pictures, just wait soon they'll be wanting to fee themselves and then the "fun" begins:)