Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Week of Firsts

So the feeding schedule has gotten even busier. Adam and Eleanor have started on solid foods officially and have one meal a day now of rice cereal and some sort of vegetable. Yesterday Eleanor ate 4 tablesppons of rice cereal (made with 2 ounces of formula) and an entire container of baby food. For those of you out of the baby food circles for awhile now, the food now comes in little plastic containers, not jars. I added it up and that was over 150 calories! She is already gaining faster than Adam and has hit 16 pounds. Check out her cheeks! Adam eats very well, too, and especially likes sweet potatoes. He weighs 15 pounds 12 ounces. Eleanor beat him during the month he decided food wasn't really his thing. They have also had carrots and squash is up next. Our pediatrician likes to start them on vegetables and then go to fruit--since sometimes they will like the fruit so much they won't eat their veggies. They might end up taking after their dad in the veggie department. I'm still trying to tell him that corn really isn't a vegetable, but he won't have it. Anyway, I'm hoping that all three of his kids will gang up on him someday and have him singing asparagus' praises.
Antoher first this week is the twins' first trip to a store. That's right, they had never been inside a store until this week when we went to Babies R Us. No one tried to touch them or anything which was good--everyone's fingers stayed intact. Adam actually slept through the entire thing. He slept all the way there, all through the store, and all the way home until Ford Rd. Typical boy. Eleanor got to look around a little more. Down side? I think I spend more on them when they are there with me looking all cute in their stroller.
And the other first won't happen until tomorrow. We are going on our first mini-vacation up north to my dad and stepmom's condo. I'm trying to make sure I don't forget anything by laying it all out on the bed, but I'm sure I'll forget something--like all their clothes-- and we'll have to stop at Birch Run to shop and buy more. Darn. That would be terrible. I'm sure the trip will take an extra couple hours and Alex will have to do some entertaining, but they sleep in their car seats a lot, so hopefully that will be the case. The condo has all the comforts of home, plus a Wal-Mart nearby, so we're safe as far as supplies go. Now if we ever get to actually leave the condo to go into Petoskey, it'll be a miracle. We'll be sure to update you upon our return!
Another first just in! Eleanor rolled over today both tummy to back and back to tummy. Of course I was paying no attention at the time since she has been rolling to her side for weeks now, so I missed the back to tummy part. I just knew I put her down on her back and when I looked up again she was on her tummy. She's been trying so hard for so long, I'm glad she was finally successful. Now she just wants to keep doing it over and over. Hmmm...locomotion. This changes everything. Have a beautiful and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

They are looking so good!! Have a great time up north and I will talk to you soon. I am free in two more weeks! Elise