Friday, July 28, 2006


Adam is getting his first teeth! Yesterday he started chewing on the nipple of his bottle and I thought we were going to have yet another feeding issue. But the wise preemie parents in the online group I'm in said that it's probably teething. So I stick my finger in his little mouth and I can just barely feel the sharp little edges of teeth making their way through. The little guy is chowing down on anything hard and textured he can find. He's such a good baby, but this has even got him a little crabby. It was a little sad since it's a sign of growing up and I can already see how quickly the baby days fly by, but I can't help but be happy for another milestone. I felt Eleanor's mouth, too. Nope, nothing yet.
We had quite a busy week! Aunt Rachel visited with Becca and Anna, we vistied Aunt Sheri and Uncle Ralph and Robyn, Aunt Steph spent the night and went to IKEA with us on Thursday, and, like every weekend the grandmas visited on Saturday. The twins went swimming for the first time with Aunt Sheri and Robyn. They have a beautiful pool and both Adam and Eleanor enjoyed the water. Eleanor enjoyed it so much, she fell asleep in my aunt's arms right in the pool. It was difficult to get smiley photos since the glare was a bit bright, but the pictures are cute anyway. We got an awful lot of attention at IKEA. SInce it just opened a few weeks ago, the place is a madhouse so maneuvering the double stroller was a bit challenging, but it turned out just fine. As usual, the babies were great--not a peep from either of them. Alex was excited to go, too, since he has his eye on a new loft bed he saw there.

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Jill & Terry said...

Cute,Cute,Cute. Teeth are coming to our house too!!! Terry tried the baby orajel on his tongue it made it numb. Hope Adam gets through it soon. I could'nt imagine how it feel's to them, when I get a tooth ache I am crabby to :)

Isn't Summer Fun !!!!