Friday, July 14, 2006

A Happy, Happy Day

Today the physical therapist from St. Joe's came to see Eleanor. We had made this appointment because of the observation that another PT had made back in May about Eleanor having some possible high tone in her legs. I was so worried about this because hypertonia is a sign of cerebral palsy. We have always known that the twins have been at risk for CP simply because they were born at 23 weeks, although the fact that neither of them had any bleed on their brain at all was encouraging. But today when she looked at Eleanor, she thought she looked great, had no increased tone in her legs and even has some abilities beyond what she would expect at her age. In other words, no cerebral palsy! I have had tears in my eyes ever since she said that. I think I was so convinced that she had it, that I haven't even let it all sink in yet. To celebrate, I put a bow in her hair so she could look especially cute. Our little miracles just keep beating the odds. We are so blessed. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news!! She just gets cuter and cuter with every picture!! I am so happy for you all!! Elise