Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On the Move

Eleanor can no longer stand to be in one place for long. Except when shes tired and will stand to be held, her favorite place is the floor. We've had to move the coffee table out of the family room, put pillows everywhere and just let her go. She rolls and rolls, and she also pivots her whole body around to get to different toys. The family room floor is her equivalent of freedom!. She's not crawling, but she is pushing her whole chest and stomach off the floor--or she pulls her knees up under her. She just can't do both at the same time. Really she has to master sitting up before she can crawl. Sometimes I think if I leave her for more than a minute, I'll go back to find her walking toward me asking for the keys to the car, she's just developing so quickly lately.
Adam is doing MUCH better on the increased dose of Zantac. He hasn't thrown up any formula in three days, but will still toss his cookies when it comes to solid food. He's actually back to gaining weight and was 17 pounds 4 ounces this morning. I've been trying to give him as much tummy time as possible so he can catch up to his sister, but it is difficult since it makes him choke and spit up. He is always on his tummy first thing in the morning and is starting to push up on his arms and grab his little toes. See cute photos! We got the appointment with the pediatric gastrointerologist at UofM (never thought I'd be going there--Go Green!) and it's for October 6. You'd think they might consider opening up a few more appointments when the next available slot is over two months away. Sheesh.
Heading toward one year old...can you believe it? Only two months away!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just HAVE to leave a comment because no one else has yet! I know I already told you this but I swear each picture of the kiddos is just that muh cuter than the last. They are something to be proud of!! Your hard work is showing off!!

Kim said...

Such cuties! How do you restrain yourself from taking a big ol' bite out of them?!

A few ideas about the reflux:
Our EI specialist let us borrow a big foam wedge for tummy time for the babies when they were really reflux-y. It helped them tolerate tummy time a little better and got them through that rough patch.
Also, our Children's Hospital got us in really quick because we agreed to see an NP. So the NP did the exam and the doc came in later to issue a diagnosis and prescribe meds. Basically the docs can see more people this way because the NPs do all the paperwork :)

I hope that Adam's tummy calms down soon! And keep moving Eleanor!

Maggie said...

Your children are beautiful!!!