Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So Many Blessings

All three our kids were baptized on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the kids looked great. We are fortunate to have wonderful godparents for all of them who I know will always be great influences on each of them. For me, as a parent of micropreemies who were given a 30% chance of survival, I think that days like that are particularly meaningful. The first photo has the kids' grandma (my mom), great-grandma (my grandma), and Uncle Kevin, along with Jim and me. The second is their grandpa (my dad), nana (my stepmom), and Aunt Stephanie. The thrid is their grandma (Jim's mom).

To have Alex bapized with them was even more special. Now my husband is surrounded by Catholics... We had everyone back to the house afterwards and fortunately my mom and grandma came by the day before to help us clean and hold the kids while Jim and I worked around the house. Adam had an especially good time as shown by the photo with the Corona. No silly, he didn't really drink any. Think teething...though he once went after a margarita at Chili's...

It was also Alex's 8th birthday, so we had a party for him, too. I thought I'd just post a bunch of photos since so many were taken that day. And an 8th birthday definitely deserves blog space!
Eleanor has really blossomed in the past few weeks. Wow, her personality is obvious. She is just starting to move her little legs one at a time, as if she may be getting the concept of crawling. Dan, Jim's brother, put her on the floor and coaxed her with his cell phone to get her to move along. Anything that Eleanor knows she isn't supposed to have is exactly what she is interested in. Phones, remotes, shoes, magazines, balloon ribbons from the party, whatever. Forget all the learning toys, the stuff that says the alphabet, the textures. That's all old news to her. If I would have known we could just throw a couple pairs of flip flops and some old Pottery Barn magazines on the floor to entertain her, I wouldn't have spent all that money!
Adam is as adaorable as ever, but the whole eating thing is just awful. He's thrown up some more again, though now it is from choking on solids. He gets tired and just opens his mouth and lets the food slide back. Once it hits the back of his throat, it's almost inevitable that it's all over. We're still feeding him most of the formula off a spoon, though he's been taking a few ounces here and there from the bottle. It's so time consuming that my priorities in life have entirely changed. Let's just say that if you stop in unexpectedly, I may still be in my jammies and the house will be a disaster. Oh, well. There's always time for cleaning later.

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