Friday, August 18, 2006

Shhhhh...It's a Secret

Serves me right for thinking everything was going so well. Adam has been doing great as far as the reflux goes. Now he just won't eat from his bottle. At all. Unless he's sleeping of course--but that doesn't really count. I don't know if we're back to the teething problem again or what because it just sort of came out of nowhere. He is getting another bottom tooth, so we're crossing our fingers that once it breaks through, he'll be back to himself. Meanwhile, I'm being creative. He will still eat solids, so I've made his cereal soupy so there is more liquid, I've added scoops of formula powder to his sweet potatoes or green beans or whatever to add calories, and I've used a little espresso mug as a cup to have him drink from it. He isn't very proficient (to say the least) but he swallows some. I'm also feeding him formula from a spoon. Kinda like you're scooping up the milk left over from your Cocoa Puffs--but no chocolate. This has been quite successful! I get so stressed when he is like this... I keep trying to look at the big picture and see that he does weigh quite a bit for a preemie at his age, and he will eat from a spoon. But it doesn't usually help for long. On the bright side, he has really started enjoying the illegal Jumpster that we put up this week. I say illegal because physical therapists can't stand them. Nonetheless, I regiatered for it and received it as a shower gift. And he is in his glory in that contraption. He sucks in his bottom lip and grins like crazy while he's looking at me thinking, "Why didn't you crack this thing out earlier, Mom?" We don't put Eleanor in it at all since she can tend to walk on her toes, but it is worth it for Adam. Just don't tell anyone, ok?


Jill & Terry said...

I love the way you are a rebel. Terry and I are always breaking "THE RULES". Zach seems to be better fot it:) Babies look Great !!! Almost not babies anymore, turning into little children. Isnt it Wonderful?

Kim said...

Whenever Jackson is cutting a new tooth, he doesn't take much from the bottle either. Of course, we can almost always coax him to finish it because of his general rule of not wasting food, but he does struggle when getting a new tooth.

And as far as the jumper goes, our PT actually SUGGESTED we get one for Jackson to help with the low tone. Something about repeated impact helping build tone, I don't know. And our EI specialist says they are fine but to try to limit it to 15 minutes at a time three times a day.

And, oh my gosh, have I mentioned lately how adorable your babies are!?!

supermom said...

Alexandera is 9 months today, and was teething all week, we got her toys although she seems to prefer my hand!