Thursday, August 10, 2006

A MUCH Better Week

The twins are now considered 6.5 months adjusted age (10.5 months actual). There have been so many changes in them lately! The physical therapist came today and was impressed to see Eleanor up on her hands and knees doing that cute rocking thing babies do as well as sitting up independently. She said that the next step is to practice transitioning from sitting to hands and knees and the reverse. I wouldn't be surprised to see her out and out crawling in the next three weeks or so. I was also thrilled to hear that she thinks Adam is doing well, too. His back muscles aren't as strong as Eleanor's since he hasn't been on his tummy much for fear of puking, but he is getting there. I can't tell you how wonderful this PT is who visits our house--she is just so sweet to the babies and they love playing with her. Next month we go visit the Developmental Clinic again at the hospital, so we will be skipping our monthly PT appointment. Depending on how Adam is progressing, they may not even need any more physical therapy--based on what the PT said. It is really quite amazing. The next thing to worry about is the speech/cognative stuff. Don't tell me not to worry--you know I will anyway. :)
An update on Puke Fest 2006 (thanks Kim!) Basically, it is over! Adam has only thrown up once in the last 10 days. We changed formulas to Enfamil Gentlease and he is a changed little boy. He is happier, doesn't throw up, no crying at night, has started babbling again, and enjoys tummy time. I'm not close to being ready to give up the Zantac at this point, but it's giving me hope that he may not have to be on it forever. He's even gained a little weight and is at 17 pounds 7 ounces. Adam is such a relaxed, easy going boy. He obviously takes after Jim. He laughs and laughs at Alex when he makes silly faces at him and loves when you sing songs to him, or tickle his tummy. He is such a sound sleeper and will sleep from 10 pm to 8am. He chews on EVERYTHING including Uncle Dan's beard and glasses. Jim still feeds him during the night, but not because he wakes up--we just want to pump all the calories we can into him.He still doesn't like to eat much, but we try. That's what I was doing in the sweet potatoes photo. Maybe if he can play with the food, he'll enjoy it more...
Eleanor has started to cry whenever I walk out of a room. And boy, can she belt it out. I'll try to talk to her from the other room until I get back, but I'm not sitting there next to her all day--it's just not feasible. As soon as I peek my head back in to check on her, a big ol' smile spreads across her face. She's such a faker. Did I mention she is 19 pounds now? She loves to eat, especially solids, and would much rather forgo the indecency of such a childlike thing as a bottle. I have explained to her that as soon as she masters the sippy cup, I'd be happy to pack away her bottles, but she doesn't seem to get it quite yet. She has so much character and knows just what she wants. I'm convinced that is why she is getting ready to crawl--the girl has an agenda. We also had a visit from my friend Alissa and her daughter Alaina. Alaina is 8 months and is crawling all over and pulling herself up on the furniture. I'm pretty sure she and Eleanor chatted and she gave Eleanor some ideas. The grandma's will be visiting again this weekend, so I'll be sure to post some new pictures next week.


Kim said...

I am THRILLED to hear that Puke Fest 2006 has come to a close! Adam is going to be (sounds like he already is) a completely different kid. It's amazing how quickly they progress when they are (finally!) comfortable--that's what happened with Ava. Speaking of Ava, she and Eleanor would be great friends. I can just see them hatching up schemes together and just being mischievous in general (Ava does that same thing--scream, scream, scream, then laugh when I pick her up).

Hooray babies--you sound like you are doing great!

The Mumma said...

Glad to see your two little tykes doing so well!