Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Woo Hoo!!! No More Oxygen!!!!

I was so hesitant to even write ahead of time that Eleanor and Adam were going to the hospital Monday night for their MCR. I thought that might jinx it! So we checked in yesterday afternoon and at 7pm they were hooked up to the MCR machine (an annoying thing) and their every breath and heartbeat was being recorded. I should have taken pitures, but I didn't think about the camera with all the other stuff I had to remember. There were two leads stuck to their chests, two pulse oxymeters--one on each foot, and a little white sensor taped below their noses. Each of these things has a wire leading from it plugged into the machine which makes for tricky feedings and diaper changes. It was a long night of almost no sleep--mainly due to the alarms going off because they had squirmed and a lead came loose. They actually slept great. The machine recorded until 7am this morning and the doctor came to see us and check out how it had gone. He looked at Adam's results and immediately could tell us that he no longer needed his oxygen! But Eleanor STILL had some periodic breathing, so they would have to do some more analysis at the office. Well, the nurse just called and the good news is...that Eleanor can come off too! I guess she had 6.4% periodic breathing and they like less than 5%, but her oxygen saturation was so good (97-100%) that she gets to drop it as well. They will still have their monitors for at least three weeks, but I'm glad--just to reassure us that they are doing well without their "O's", as the doctors say. We've never cared that they were on the oxygen--we've just always been so blessed that they even survived that the inconvenience was of no consequence. But now that we are enjoying this freedom that most parents take for granted--and I would have too, had things gone differently--we are just tickled! I hope you enjoy the photos of Eleanor and Adam tubeless and stickerless!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I think it is just fantastic that they are doing so well! :-) Can't wait to see them at the walk! - Amy (Elise's friend)