Saturday, April 22, 2006

A New Friend

We've really done some travelling this week! Considering how long we've been cooped up inside, it's no surprise we've taken advantage of the nice weather and the lack of oxygen paraphanalia. We are still only visiting people without school-aged children, so visiting my grandma and my friend Alissa and her 5 month old little girl was perfect! You can see them together on the couch. They are similar in size, but she is quite far ahead of the twins developmentally, which is to be expexted. I did call Alissa today, though, and told her we need to visit with her daughter more often because she made such a good impression on Eleanor. How do I know that? Because today at my grandma's house Eleanor rolled over for the first time! I was so excited I think I squealed. She has done it one other time since, but is always trying. She also can keep her head up at 90 degrees very consistently and is starting to push up on her arms. Adam is still at about 45 degrees, with little bursts of 90 degrees, but he is so much more vocal than Eleanor. He squeals, giggles, and babbles, often sayng something that sounds a lot like, "Hello!" Of course it's not, but it's fun to hear him start to make baby sounds. Eleanor squeels once in awhile, but is not the conversationalist that her brother is.
This is all good news, but on the other hand we have Adam's feeding issues continuing. He often will only eat if he is sitting in the Boppy bouncing, will only take about 4 ounces at a time, and it will sometimes take 90 minutes to get him to take that. He screams at the beginning of the feedings and I think his voice is sounding hoarse. I've decided that I'm going to call the pediatrician and see what we can do for him. It's very sad to watch the little guy so upset.
I went to school this week and packed up a bunch of my teaching materials. I have to go again because one trip with the minivan wasn't anywhere close to enough. I love staying home with the twins and I am so fortunate to be able to, but I miss my classroom and my students--packing up was definitely bittersweet. Hopefully I will be able to go back to teaching part-time in a couple years. I know many of you had spring break--or at least some vacation--recently. The weather has been beautiful and I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy it!
Next Sunday is our day for Walk America 2006 with March of Dimes. Thanks to your amazing generosity, we have raised $1075 so far! We know that because so many wonderful people have donated to the March of Dimes in the past, Adam and Eleanor were able to survive when several years ago they probably wouldn't have because of their contribution to the creation of surfactant for the babies' lungs. We know that the money we have raised will go to further research and save more babies born prematurely. Thank you again!!

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