Thursday, April 27, 2006

Heads Up!

Eleanor and Adam both have their heads up now. They are much more fun to play with on the ground this way. Of course, I had to order some fun tummy time mats for them to play on. A good excuse to go catalog shopping, don't you think? Eleanor is quite steady and can keep her head up for a much longer period of time now. It's something new for Adam, so he can only manage for a couple minutes, then it's back to sucking on the blanket that he's laying on. He's predictable, anyway. They both have started to grab at things around them--mostly easy things like blankets. Of course, they stuff them in their mouths, then and we have lots of wet cuddly blankets laying around. Eleanor drools like crazy, so hers are especially soggy!
We went to the pulmonologist yesterday. He is the doctor that determined the amount of oxygen they were receiving. Eleanor's monitor has been discontinued. She is officially wire-free all the time. Even at night. Which is pretty scary for us, since their heart and breathing has been monitored at night since we've been home. I'm sure I'll be running into their room just to make sure she's ok. Adam still has his monitor for at least another month. Because of his reflux, he will sometimes have bradycardias in the middle of the night, setting off his alarm. They don't last long and his heart rate doesn't go down too much, but it's enough to keep him on the monitors for awhile. I'm hoping until he's two. I don't think the doctor will go along with that, though.
We also went to the pediatrician on Monday. Adam is now on Zantac and we are trying to get him to enjoy eating again. He is only eating about half of what he used to and his weight gain has basically stopped. Fortunately, he was a bitt on the chubby side, so now that he's growing longer and not gaining weight, he's getting to be a little more proportionate. It's still quite stressful when your baby doesn't want to eat and I spend all but a couple hours a day feeding them. Showering has become an afternoon activity. Sometimes an optional activity. I figure that if reflux is the only thing we will have to deal with, I'll be patient and know that it will come to an end one of these days. If anyone has any advice on how to get Adam to like his bottle more, please feel free to share!
Next Friday is the Developmental Clinic appointment. I'm sure I will have lots of updates then. Happy Spring!

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