Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh Adam...

The new phase in the life of raising preemie twins is all about reflux. Specifically, Adam's reflux problems. Eleanor has it a little, but it doesn't affect her eating at all. She is still gaining weight pretty quickly and now weighs 13 pounds 12 ounces. Adam, who used to be our little chow hound is now picky, picky, picky. He cut down how much he was eating to the very minimum and hasn't gained weight for over a week now. Since he was the baby who was gaining a pound in two weeks, this is a bit frightening. I talked to our pediatrician about it--and researched it on the internet, of course, because that's what I do, for those of you who know me well. Anyway, he prescribed Zantac for him. We've been giving it to him for about 5 days now and we have definitely noticed a difference in how much Adam cries during feedings, and afterward. I think this must mean the acid coming up his esophagus has been reduced, so it's not hurting as badly. He still doesn't really want to eat much, though. I think he has been programmed now to think it will still hurt, so he's a little afraid. While reading all this information about infant reflux, I came across a woman who said that it takes 50 good eating experiences to convince a baby that everything is fine now. One bad experience and you have to start all over. Hopefully this will be the solution and we won't have to worry any more. Some babies have really severe problems with reflux to the point they need to be tube fed, so we will count our lucky stars that we only have a picky eater who takes and hour plus to feed. And I thought I wasn't getting much done around the house before! I think there is a load of laundry in the washing maching that has been there for three days. I am certain it's going to have that funky small by now. Oh, well! Adam has now gained two ounces, so wish us luck that things will be looking up this week.
On the happy side of things...Adam laughed for the first time tonight! Now he doesn't want to stop. It is so darned cute. Eleanor loves to look at TV screens, computer monitors, and smiles all day long. She can lift her head up to 90 degrees now, though it doesn't stay there too long. Adam is still stuck at about 45 degrees. They are really starting to interact with us. You can see them with big brother Alex in our family room hanging out on a Saturday night.
Alex went to the one room school house in our community on a field trip this week. He had to dress up in costume to go and made old-fashioned toys and candles and learned about the history of Michigan. I thought I'd include a photo since he looked so great!

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rachel said...

What a great picture of Alex! We miss him and all of you! The pictures are adorable. I'm so happy to hear they're doing so well. And i'm very glad to see you guys got to get some fresh air.