Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pediatric GastroEnterology

Adam has his pediatric GI appointment Friday. Before we get into that, can someone tell me where the I in GI comes from? I discovered it is spelled "gastroenterology" which has not one little I in it, so I am baffled. Remember, I teach English and have my little grammar/spelling obsessions, so humor me. The doctor changed Adam's medication to Prevacid and a pretty big dose at that and also has us start using hypo-allergenic formula. Ok, I've complained about the 22 cal formula before but this is outta control. It's $24 for one of the small cans. I think it'll last us about 2 days, so that's $360 a month in formula. I'll do anything to stop Adam from vomiting, but wow, I was shocked. (Check out the bottom teeth...he's getting 2 more on top.)The preemie parents have lots of conversations about the drug Reglan. It is given to many preemies with eating issues because it affects the motility of the stomach/intestines. This doctor does not like the stuff AT ALL because of the neurological side effects. Only if it looks like Adam would need surgery (he doesn't think he will) would he try Reglan--or if I request it. He definitely wants to see what happens with the Prevacid and told me, "Don't worry too much," about Adam. He may keep throwing up but as long as he's growing, even if it's not at the ideal pace and he is weight/length proportionate, he isn't that concerned. He also said, "He doesn't look skinny." Ok, great. Maybe he could take over some of the feeding shifts here at our house and perhaps do the grocery shopping. That would help. On the other hand, it's nice to know that the doctors aren't too worried about him. Maybe with that vote of confidence, I can weigh Adam every other day instead of every day. Hmmm...yet another obsession.
I called our case worker at the insurance company (she's wonderful) and she got the RSV shots approved for us. One little call. No nasty, sarcastic comments needed. And I was so ready.
On Monday, Adam gets a weight check and they both get three vaccinations. Then they get flu shots soon and RSV shots after that, toward the end of the month. They are going to learn to hate the doctor's office soon, but I'm glad there is so much out there to protect the little ones.
Eleanor is ful fledged crawling all over now. No more army crawl. She is also pulling herself up on furniture and looking quite proud of herself for it. Check out her little face in the photos. I love how she does something new and then looks over at us as if to say, "Do you see how faulous I am? You do know how fabulous I am, right?"
We went to the NICU reunion yesterday afternoon. Of course, it was during nap time, so the twins were alternately social. The doctors coudln't believe how big they were--even Adam. It was nice to see some of the people we were in the NICU with and chat for a while. We had to leave a little early to go feed Adam. Too much to distract him there--and no bouncy seat. Someday, he will feed himself, right? Adam has a good time trying to pull on the pigtails of one of the little girls there (Eden's--for those of you who know her!). A flirt already. Kindergarten should be interesting at this rate!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the NICU reunion. I know it will be awhile before we see the twins again. You go, Eleanor!! By the time I see you next spring you will be running away from your parents!!


Kim said...

Gastrointestinal :)

So glad that the GI doc said to stop worrying about Adam. I know you won't, but it's nice to know that he is doing well enough so that the doctor isn't worrying! And I love the new teeth--he looks like such a big boy!

And oh my gosh, I know that face that Eleanor is making because Ava does it too! "Look at me! Are you watching? I'm doing something really cool!" So cute!

Michelle and Jim said...

Thanks Kim! I don't know why I didn't think of it, but I will now sleep better with a little more of the English language figured out. Really. :)