Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Snowing!

The high today is supposed to be 39--I was already excited about that. But then, this morning, is snowed! I don't mean a few little flakes in the air either--they were those big, wet, stick to the bushes kind of snowflakes. (This is out my back door.)

I was so excited I took pictures. Eleanor thought it was quite interesting and kept jumping up and down on my lap shrieking. Guess she takes after me. Adam could have cared less and continued to try to stuff the yellow box that comes with the shape sorter into his mouth. But it put me in such a good mood. Then it snowed twice more. WooHoo! Of course it's melted already, but I'll take it anyway. Good thing I already bought Alex a winter coat to wear to school...
Not much new news. Adam has a discolored tooth coming in. It's on the top to the side. It looks like it will be a yucky brown color. I called the doctor and although the nurse kinda flipped and made an appointment right way, it's really nothing. Since he was on TPN (total parenternal nutrition) for several weeks when he was born before he was able to digest milk, he ended up with high direct bilirubin levels. High indirect bilirubin results in jaudice and can be taken care of with the bili-lights. Direct bilirubin isn't the same and can only decrease by digesting food. I remember this was a careful balance in the NICU of the bilirubin levels and when he was old enough to be tube fed. Anyway, the high levels can cause damage to the baby tooth buds and cause them to be discolored. He may have more teeth like this, he may not. Eleanor may also have the same thing happen. The good news is that it's temporary and their adult teeth will be fine. With all the problems we could have, this one isn't one to worry about, so I was quite relieved!

Can I complain about insurance once more? The RSV shots were finally approved. Great. For the last week, I've been trying to fill Adam's Prevacid prescription. BCN (grrr...I love my insurance from teaching, which of course I don't have right now) says they won't fill it and to try Prilosec OTC. Did anyone bother to look to see that he's one?? Here Adam, will ya just pop this pill real quick for Mommy? So I had to go through a bunch of red tape for the last week. I called this morning and it was finally approved so we picked it up this afternoon. I was so excited to finally give this stuff to Adam thinking maybe we'll at least see an improvement. So what does he do with the first dose? Throws it right up. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for teaching me irony in 9th grade.

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