Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's Always Adam

The last week or so, we've noticed Adam's right eye crossing in sometimes--not all the time, but it never has before so it was noticeable. At first I thought I was seeing things, just because I thought we had already passed by the eye issues for the time being, but when my Dr. brother-in-law came over to check out Eleanor (she got a rash on her chest which I'm pretty sure is from the MMR vaccine) he said something about his eye.

So I called and got an appointment right away and sure enough, his right eye is definitely crossing in sometimes. Poor kid--everything that happens seems to happen to him while Eleanor just cruises along. The doctor gave us a few eye patches for him and I just ordered some other cute ones online and we have to keep his good eye (left) patched for 2 hours a day. Sounds like no big deal. Two hours--not so bad. Then you try to put the thing on him. I have started putting it on during his first nap so when he wakes up it's already there and isn't as bothersome to him. It seems to be working. We go back to see the doctor is 6 weeks and we'll see if there has been progress. She did say that for him we could try glasses before talking about any corrective surgery. I hope these patches work. Also, Adam started acting funny about a week ago. Just foggy and less happy and responsive than his usual self. I called the ped GI and asked if there were any side effects to Prevacid. The nurse said she had never heard of this side effect so it must not be it. He didn't get any better three days later so I took him in to the pediatrician and she agreed with me that the only thing that had changed during this time was the Prevacid and to cut his dose down to half. Three days later, Adam is his old self again. I knew that was it. I don't understand why some doctors don't listen to parents--I watch my kids like a hawk, and I know their behaviors. It's like if it hasn't happened before, it can never happen. Say a little prayer for Adam if you think about it.
Eleanor has decided that she is one-year-old and shut up about this adjusted balogna. A and E have this Fischer-Price house they got from us for their birthday and she loves to play with it! She opens and closes the window over and over, she turns the light on and off, and she presses the buttons to hear the weather. She also pulls herself up on the door and the drain spout and giggles, just to make sure everyone around looks at her. I've caught her kind of waving, but not at the correct times, so I'll have to see what that turns into. She has cruised from the exersaucer to the couch and moved a couple steps down the side of the couch. SHe has also let go of whatever she is holding on to for 3 or 4 seconds and just stood there before crashing to the ground. I can't believe how quickly she is advancing from one milestone to the next. Anyone want to place bets on the day she takes her first step? We're pretty sure it will be by Christmas.
Sorry for the delay in posting...Alex and I have been sick. We think he may have pneumonia. He has a chest x-ray tomorrow, so I'll let you know.


Jill & Terry said...

I hope and pray all works out for both Adam and Alex. Ok and for the bet on Eleanor walking, I am not a betting kinda person, however this may be interesting Zach is almost where she is (except for the standing without holding on) to make it interesting, you can place 5.00 on Eleanor and I will place 5.00 on Zach to see who's first, we can meet somewhere to pay up. DEAL OR NO DEAL? :)

Eric said...

Patching is cool. All the cool kids are doing it!

We feel the same way about the babies, one seems to be cruising, the other seems to be having some issues. Of course a few weeks go by and the roles reverse! The price of having twins. :)

Good times!