Friday, March 03, 2006

Photo Op

Not much new this week, but I wanted to post these fun photos we took today. Since we don't get out much, we don't have much reason to dress up, but it's fun once in awhile anyway. Check out Eleanor on her tummy. She's got her head way up there now!

Big brother Alex has been sick for the last two days, so the poor kid has had to stay in his bedroom to make sure the twins didn't get sick. Of course, he has tons of toys in his room--k'nex, legos, his electronics kit...--plus we hooked up the TV and VCR just for these few days. We aren't big fans of little kids having TVs in their bedrooms, so this was a big treat for Alex. I think he watched every Disney movie ever made. Thank goodness he is feeling better today. He and "ShooShoo" as he calls me, went to Henry Ford Museum. We go quite a bit and he just loves it. There is a picture of him there, too, since he's so cute!
On Tuesday, Adam and Eleanor got their Synagis shots again. Once more at the end of March and that will be it until next fall. They really weren't so bad--one big scream and that was it. The nice nurse brought sucrose to put on their pacifiers, so that made things better. She also had to weigh them to determine the dosage: Eleanor weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces, and Adam weighs 12 pounds 7 ounces. If they each gain about two pounds in the next month, they will be at the fifth percentile for weight on the charts! They like to eat--what can we say?

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