Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feeding Issues

I don't know why--probably because I mentioned how much our kids love to eat in the last post--but both babies are really being difficult when it comes to eating all of a sudden. When they get hungry, we bring out the bottles, feed them until they give us the little signs they need to burp, burp them (this can be a 45 minute process in itself), and then try to start to feed them again. They both bat the bottle away, cry, gag, and do just about everything they can to not eat. Than after a minute or two of struggle, they start to eat again and finish the bottle. Strange. We know they are still hungry, so we aren't sure what is going on. We are persistent though, because we want them to continue to gain weight. But what a pain. Once in awhile Adam will decide to throw up his entire bottle, too--but that's another story. Hopefully this is just a phase.
We will be going to the pulmonologist again on Tuesday. I don't know what to expect, and I hate to predict, so we shall see on Tueday morning. They will also weigh Adam and Eleanor at that appointment. It's always fun to see how much they've gained.
Adam has really started to lift up his head when he's on his tummy. I have a couple terrible pictures, so I'm waiting for a better one to post here. He's great at tracking objects above his head, and really watches you when you talk to him now. He's got a great grin, and sometimes lifts one eyebrow, which is hilarious! Eleanor is just great at lifting her head, and even lifts her chest a little now. She has started smiling in response to me talking to her almost all the time now, and I think she's beginning to make little baby sounds as well, other than crying, of course. Both of them have tuned into the feeling of being held and cry to have someone come get them now--not just for wet diapers and hunger. I really like this since to me it seems like they are noticing their environment more and more. Eleanor is particularly good at this and often ends up taking naps laying on her mommy. I can't help it--she's too cute.


Ruth said...

Hi Michelle! Leah told me about your blog because I kept asking her how you and your babies were doing. I'm so glad that they're home and well. And plump -- that's important too. I enjoy reading about their progress.
--Leah's old roommate, Ruth

Jill & Terry said...

I love this picture it is too Cute!!!! Jill & Terry

Anonymous said...

They look so good!! That's funny that you say that about the bottles because Carter has been doing that with the bottle we give him at night. It scares me because I will be back and work before you know it and he will have no choice but to take the bottle. I am hoping, too that it's just a phase. They are just keeping us on our toes! I LOVE the jeans!! - Elise

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Jim: Thanks for sending the address for your blog. I read all of your postings tonight. I would never have recognized Adam and Eleanor. They're huge! It looks like it might be almost time to give up the fortifier...I loved the comparison pictures of Eleanor next to your ring. Alex looks great too; the perfect big brother. Enjoy every minute.
Best wishes to everyone,