Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Personality, Little Body

Anyone who has met Eleanor knows that she has enough personality for a classroom of little girls. Yesterday Eleanor and I went to visit my dad. It was just a short visit since he was having work done in the basement. He took us down there to show us the progress and the 2 painters were sitting taking their lunch break. Eleanor walks right up to them and says, "Hi Guys!! Whacha doin'?" Self-confidence oozes from her.

Last week I took Eleanor to her first movie--The Princess and the Frog. For a week beforehand, she'd say 10 times a day, "Will you take me to Princess and the Frog on Saturday (she's into the days of the weeks right now) oh please, oh please, oh please?" Of course I take her but Eleanor gets a bit impatient waiting for it to start, looks up and calls out, "Lights Please!!!" Being an elementary school teacher, I know to prepare her for this new experience. I told her how the picture would be really big, that it would be dark, and that we'd be watching the movie with a bunch of other people. I was remiss in preparing her for previews. As they begin she leans over, "But I want Princess and the Frog!!" I tell her it's coming. Another preview. "But I want Princess and the FROG!" It's coming next. So it starts, but not immediately with the title--it goes right into the story. "But I want Princess and the FROOOG!" This IS Princess and the Frog. "Well where's the FROG?"
Also this week--a big week for Eleanor-- we discovered she can read. I don't mean she knows a few sight words. I don't mean she's memorized the books we've had around the house for months if not years. I mean I can pick up a brand new Level 1 I Can Read Book and Eleanor can read it to me. Holy moly. I haven't really taught her to read per se. We have loads of books, we read to the kids all the time, we've been going over sounds that letters make for 2 years, but I never intentionally taught her to read. Eleanor did that all on her own. She 4 years 2 months. She's not even 4 until January if you're her dad who still adjusts her age for prematurity. I know I'm a little biased, but that girl is going places. Born at 23 weeks, no problem. Surgery at 10 days, a breeze. You think she might be delayed because of it all? Ha, she'll show you. Ask her how she is and she'll always respond, "Great!!" If she messes up at something she'll tell you, "I'm going to try again." I think that little girl has a whole lot to teach the world. Isn't she fabulous?

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Liz said...

Yes, she is fabulous. She must get that from her mother's side...