Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Go State!

I couldn't resist the little Michigan State hats. Check out the grin on Adam--he's so darn cute! Miss Eleanor was not as enchanted with the idea of a hat. Perhaps she would have preferred to visit the milliner herself.

Adam had an appointment with a speech pathologist who specializes in eating issues today. It was mostly evaluative, but she gave us a little flexible cup to try with him and basically said that we can pretty much call this the end of the bottle for Adam. She would rather focus on learning to use a cup/sippy cup because by the time we made any headway with the bottle, it would be time to wean him from it anyway. That's all fine with me--I'm not attached to the bottle either :) Now it's time to see if insurance will cover feeding therapy. Grumble,. grumble. I hope I don't have to fight with them.
Nothing else new, really. Developmental appointment next Monday. I'm sure we'll have more news then.


Anonymous said...

Go right through for MSU watch the points keep growing...


xoxo jo

Liz said...

Adam is the cutest little guy ever in that hat! I had to fight the urge to get Sean one when I was in East Lansing this summer.