Sunday, September 17, 2006

Everything Eleanor

So Eleanor is officially 20 pounds! And that's before her first birthday and before she's 8 months, medically speaking. Boy, I wish Adam likes to eat like she does. It's not so much that Adam gets so much less food into him--it's that so much more comes out. But he's doing well, too, and we'll be happy to see the pediatric GI in October.
The other fun news is that Eleanor is starting to pull herself up onto things--particularly her Dad. She has been seen using his ears or nose similar to the way you might see someone use one of those rocks on a climbing wall. She's not quite up to the couch yet, but she's often kneeling in front of the bouncy chair pushing her legs up straight so that she's got her rear end in the air, sort of shaped like a triangle. In general, her motivation is centered on the remote control. Now, this is no ordinary remote. It's got a touch screen that lights up blue, so that makes it extra-special fun. I think if I put the remote at the top of the stairs tomorrow, Eleanor would find a way to get herself up there. When she gets it, the TV goes all wonky. We have picture in picture. Didn't know that until Eleanor got her little hands on the remote. She will also crawl/scoot herself out into the center of the foyer, turn herself around in a full circle on her belly, assessing the area, and then crank it into high gear once she has set her sights on something. You should see the sparkle in her eyes when she sees a forgotten catalogue on the floor. I'm pretty sure she was asking for Samantha from the American Girl collection yesterday.Notice that she also thinks it's fun to try to wake up her soundly sleeping brother. Good thing it was time for him to eat, anyway.The only problem with all of this is that she doesn't like to sit still anymore. Here come the baby gates. Next entry--All About Adam.


Anonymous said...

I always look to see what Eleanor is doing because I know that is what we are going to be dealing with next! She seems to be the little leader of the group. Go Eleanor, GO!!

Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Way to go, Eleanor! I can't believe the amazing progress she has made! Get those gates up, soon--you've got a climber on your hands. Let's never get our girls together... oh my gosh, the trouble they would cause!

The Mumma said...

What a cutie! Eleanor is such a bright little button. We aren't up to the baby gate stage yet but it can't be too far away, considering there's a lot of commando crawling going on.