Friday, February 03, 2006

Yeah! Freebies!!

A package arrived at the front door today, which was quite exciting. If this had been a year ago, I would've figured it was something fun I had bought on the internet. Being that I am jobless and have twins, fun internet packages don't arrive too often these days, so I was curious. It was 2 free cases of Enfamil EnfaCare formula that we feed Adam and Eleanor! I had written to Enfamil hoping to get a bunch of coupons but they sent the actual stuff. This may not sound very exciting to the casual observer, but at $12.50 a canister, that adds up to about $150. Right now, that's about 2 weeks worth, so it was truly a great gift. They have both decided that they need four ounces a feeding now, so I have a feeling another growth spurt is in the works.
The pediatric surgeon gave us great news on Tuesday. Adam does not have hernias (for now)! That is one less issue we have to deal with--and one less doctor to see. Since the doctors are so pleased with their growth and everything else, the number/frequency of appointments has lessened. I'm hoping next Friday will be Adam's last with the eye doctor for 6 months. In May, they go to a developmental clinic to see if their development is on target with the expectations.
Sleeping is pretty much an optional activity at the Farell household these days. Well, some nights, anyway. We were having a hard time getting them to go to sleep after their 9pm feeding, when we realized they wanted more food. It's hard to believe that they are eating so much--it's at least double what is was when we brought them home. Trouble is, double the food, double the burping. In the end it takes about an hour to feed them both. At 3am (Jim feeds them then) this can seem a lot longer. Good news is that Jim turns on the TV and is now quite current on the offerings of QVC.
Grandma (my mom) will be spending the weekend here with us, so Jim and I are going to go out to dinner tonight. Let's hope I don't drive him too crazy with all the calls home I'm going to make in the whole 2 hours we're going to be gone. Have a great weekend everyone!


Uncle Patrick said...

Hello everyone this is Uncle Patrick. Patty and I are very happy to see the progress and thank you to Peggy for informing me of this site. Our prayers are answered by the looks of the children. I know my mom and dad would be very pleased. The babies are beautiful. I am so glad about the news on the medical insurance. That is truely wonderful. We love you all.
Uncle Patrick, Aunt Patty

Nancy Fogarty said...


I'm a friend of one of the Grandma's. My name is Nancy Fogarty and Peggy has kept me and Carol, Gerri and Don up to date on the progress of the twins. They look so good and healthy. They are special Valentines.
So glad everything is going so well.