Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Million Dollar Babies

Today was a good day at home. Both Adam and Eleanor haven't spit up in over twelve hours. Wow, my definition of a good day has really changed dramatically! The school district physical therapist came over for a first check of the twins. Because they were born so prematurely, they are at a higher risk for disabilities. The good news is that she says they (so far) look great and she doesn't have any real concerns. The financial office at the hospital called today, too. She wanted to confirm insurance coverage and told me the bill for Adam and Eleanor. Eleanor was $540, 000 and Adam was $670,000. They are officially Million Dollar Babies. So folks, if you were wondering what happened to all that money you paid into your health insurance...now you know. It looks like it will all be covered by insurance, expecially since they both qualified for Medicare. Any baby born in Michigan who stays in the hospital over 30 days pretty much automatically qualifies. That was news to me. One look into their little eyes, though, and I'd easily pay a hundred times that, though it would take more than a lifetime.

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Uncle Patrick said...

I am very happy and relieved to see the progress of the twins. I know that my parents Jim and Bea would very, very happy. We are all thankful to our Lord for the answered prayers. I thank my sister Peggy for the link. Love to all.
Uncle Patrick