Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Here are the twins on their first day of preschool. Adam went all of last year, so it wasn't quite as exciting for him--although he gets to take the bus home from school now! Jim brought him in, but they dropped him off right at the end of our driveway. He absolutely loved it, even though I was sad to see my little guy looking so grown up. Eleanor goes to preschool right across the street from us where Alex used to go to elementary school. She comments that, "That's my school!" every time we drive by. Adam has a new teacher, but it's the classroom right next to his old one. At open house he went right to his favorite counting toys. Have I mentioned that he's taught himself to count to 20 in Spanish and add and subtract single digit numbers? I know his dad is a big math guy, but Adam has taken things to a new level!! His speech has come soooo far this summer, but his math skills are definitely beyond the level of any 3 year old I've met. Particularly his sister, who told me 6+6=5 yesterday. Adam quickly corrected her. In Spanish. I had to attend the first day of preschool with Eleanor. There were 8 kids with parents there for the hour (another 8 kids came later for a total of 16 kids in her class). Being that Eleanor has never really been in a play group, I was curious how she'd do. It was hilarious to watch her. Of the 8 kids, 5 were boys --3 named Jack!--and she would much rather have played with them than the little girls wanting to wear princess costumes. Not her thing. She squished the clay, microwaved a strawberry (as you do...), and showed off her "mad puzzle skizzles" (as Alex refers to them). Poor little boy next to her was trying to just put numbers 1-10 in the right holes and she'd already finished a 24 piece Curious George puzzle. Then it was time to sing a song and hear a story. All the kids are sitting on the rug and Elenaor tells the teacher, "I want to sit right by you!" which of course was fine, but she did have her sit on the letter "w". The teacher, Mrs. B, turned on a CD to sing along with and Eleanor had to stand up and "take a look-see" (from Special Agent Oso on Disney) as to where the music was coming from. And as the teacher read the story, she knelt up there as if the story was only being read to her. A tad embarrassing, but nothing I didn't expect.

They made a little art project coloring in their traced hand. When I explained to Eleanor that she needed to color the hand, she took the yellow crayon to her own hand. Hmmm....perhaps we should have done some more crafty stuff at home... We found out they can't bring in birthday treats to preschool (although it's fine at Adam's school and everywhere Alex has gone, so I don't know what the deal is there) because of allergies and who knows what else. Kind of sad when you can't bring cupcakes in anymore. Anyway, if it hadn't been for the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant and due any time now, it would have been a really fun morning. But when we all got home and it was only noon I almost cried...I was sure it had to be at least 8:00pm. Fortunately, the twins still need naps when it's a school day, so after lunch we all collapsed into our beds for a good 2 hours. This is going to take some getting used to.

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