Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slow and Steady Progress

(Pictures soon!)
Well, we aren't ready for Christmas. Not even close. We're even doing a fake tree this year, which I've always called, "Going to the dark side." But with the little ones around, I just can't chance that they will end up kneeling on sharp little needles. I think the tree will be done tonight, but we'll see. Adam has been doing much better. He isn't throwing up nearly as much and his weight has started going up again. After the November he has, this is good news. We're starting occupational theraly for him on Thursday to help him enjoy eating more. We'll see--I just can't believe that anything will help. The hypo-allergenic formula is gone now, too, since it really wasn't doing anything and he's eating yogurt and ice cream. I don't even care about the sugar--just get this kid some calories! Today is our pediatric neurology appointment. I've been watching Adam and his hands and arms and legs twitch/jerk while he's sleeping, particularly in the 20 minutes when he first falls asleep and the few minutes before waking up. I don't know if this is going to end up as anything (Jim and Dan both think he's fine) but I'd rather talk to the doctor. I think since he was born at 23 weeks, the doctors want to check out everything. The pediatric GI also wants to do an edoscopy on Adam which is an outpatient procedure under anathesia. This is because of our trip to the ER when Adam had blood in his vomit. I'm REALLY nervous about putting Adam under, so for as long as he is keeping his food down, I'm going to put it off. I hope that's the right choice... So much has been going on with Adam and has been concerning me that I haven't made much time for the blog. On the flip side, Adam is crawling everywhere and can go from crawling to sitting and sitting to crawling now. He LOVES to crawl through the tunnel we got at IKEA. If Alex is at one end of it, both of them will shriek with delight!
Eleanor is quite the little stinker--but with the most gorgeous smile, so no one can ever get even slightly irritated by anything she does. She does not want to walk at all and we thought for sure she would want to walk by Christmas. I think she can get where she's going so quickly crawling that she has no interest in walking since it takes so darned long. She has begun climbing the stairs, so baby gates are up in full force. We unfortunately had to give away our dog yesterday (Alex reads this, if you know what I mean...) because she was becoming a danger. She never so much as gave the babies a mean look, but she chased a jogger down the street the other day and it was really the last straw for poor Buffy. It was a very sad day, nonetheless, since we picked her out as a 6 week old puppy and everything. Now, though, the babies can crawl into the kitchen, so we will be investing in cupboard locks. A friend of mine has some magnetic ones that you use a little "key" to open. Has anyone had any luck with those? You don't have to drill into the cupboard doors. Hope everything is going well for all of you and that your Christmas is coming together better than ours!


Kim said...

I know people who had those maget lock thingies and they were kind of a pain because you had to locate the "key" every time you wanted to open a cabinet. Still, they are sturdy and well-made and really cool :)

So glad Adam is gaining weight! Ice cream? Hey, whatever works! And I am not surprised that he is a crawling fool--I KNEW he was on the brink of a huge gross motor growth spurt!

So glad everyone is well... well, except for Buffy. I am really sorry to hear about that :(

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